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About The BlackOak Group

Transcending times and cultures, the black oak has symbolized strength and endurance.

Just like the solid oak tree, we believe in helping our clients to develop financial plans with the strength to endure time, and the elements that are beyond control.

Our Story

The Black Oak Group was formed in 2009 — following the global financial crisis (2007-2009) which is considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s1.

While financial intuitions were collapsing, businesses closing, and the housing market busting wide open, founders Mike Peters and Austin Kelly sat down to discuss how they were going to help their clients get through this difficult time. In this meeting, they decided they’d have to be a pillar of strength and trust, calling every single client — and planning for the future — instead of burring their heads in the sand. So, in the wake of this economic crisis, The BlackOak Group was born.

Mike thought of the name of the company as he was driving up the coast of California. He wanted his company to be a symbol of strength and prosperity — just like the strong black oak.

Over the past several years, Mike and Austin have expanded the group, adding partners and top performing Equitable Advisor financial professionals who share in their vision.

Today, The BlackOak Group remains a symbol of trust, wealth and affluence and continues to be a top financial planning institution in Western New York.

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1. “Two top economists agree 2009 worst financial crisis since great depression; risks increase if right steps are not taken”. Reuters. 27 February 2009. Retrieved 10 November 20